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Builder Tools

Tools to help you build on Cardano

15 projects


Instant and scalable API to the Cardano blockchain.

Cardano Serialization Library

Library for serialization & deserialization of data structures used in Cardano's Haskell implementation.

Guild Operators Suite

A collection of tools (CNTools, gLiveView, topologyUpdater and more) to simplify typical operations to help community simplify wallet keys, pool management and interact with blockchain.

Marlowe Playground

In the browser-based Marlowe Playground you can write Marlowe contracts, in a variety of different ways.


Ogmios offers a JSON-WSP interface through WebSockets.

Plutus Playground

The Plutus Playground is a lightweight, web-based environment for exploratory Plutus development.

Cardano Client Library

A client library for Cardano in Java. For some features like transaction signing and address generation, it currently uses cardano-serialization-lib rust library though JNI.

Cardano Metadata Oracle

Oracle submitting information using Cardano Metadata

cardano-addresses TypeScript binding

This is a Typescript/Javascript version of the cardano-addresses API. It includes a web demo.


A library that wraps the cardano-cli in JavaScript.

CardanoSharp Wallet

CardanoSharp Wallet is a .NET library for Creating/Managing Wallets and Building/Signing Transactions.

Dandelion APIs

Kubernetes-based project to easily deploy Cardano APIs and a free, hosted community service to access all of them instantly.


An automation platform for Cardano to trigger various action based on detecting payment to a wallet address.


A Golang library for Cardano network, it is used and maintained by Bitrue.

Python Module

The module provides tools for developers to accept and send transactions, manage staking and much more. It uses cardano-wallet as backend but is future-compatible with other solutions.