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Stake Pool Course

Welcome, we are glad that you are interested in setting up a stake pool on Cardano.

This course is designed to (re)introduce you to Cardano, walk you through how to set up a stake pool, and provide guidance on managing and maintaining your stake pool to ensure optimal performance and profitability.

Testnet only

The whole stake pool course is only on the testnet. Before you run your pool on the mainnet, you should have practised a lot on the testnet, know how to rotate your KES keys and have great understanding of stake pool security.

What you will learn#

Course Syllabus#

The course consists of several lessons and a handbook that provides full instructions for each lesson.

Lesson 1#

After finishing the first lesson, you will learn the following:

  1. How to setup VirtualBox
  2. How to setup a Linux server on AWS
  3. How to configure a server in different server providers
  4. How to install cardano-node
  5. How to start cardano-node and get configuration files

Lesson 2#

After finishing the second lesson, you will learn the following:

Lesson 3#

After finishing the third lesson, you will learn the following:

Lesson 4#

After finishing the fourth lesson, you will learn the following:

Lesson 5#

After finishing the fifth lesson, you will learn the following:

Course Guides and Handbook#

This course has everything you may need from video tutorials to the supportive guides and handbook.

Course Assignments#

To make sure that you fully understand the course, please complete the Assignments.

questions or suggestions?

If you have any questions and suggestions while taking the lessons please feel free to ask in the Cardano forum and we will respond as soon as possible.