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Retrieving your metadata


There are many ways to retrieve metadata stored in the Cardano blockchain. This article discusses the different components and ways that can help us retrieve all kinds of blockchain data.


Blockfrost provides an API to access the Cardano blockchain fast and easily.

To retrieve metadata using Blockfrost, we call a specific endpoint for transaction metadata that they provide.

Query 1337 Metadata

curl -H 'project_id: <api_key>' | jq

You should see something like this:

[  {    "tx_hash": "a54d000ad56cf5b4afe769b5d74b51a5817dc44102c7f8286887e28bf257a2fd",    "json_metadata": "gimbalabs-poc"  },  {    "tx_hash": "b26cc2323d6212a0396fa4ddb35578648853ef769e2e427d92019d50163f636a",    "json_metadata": "go build"  }]

In this example, we query the Cardano Mainnet for any metadata under the key 1337. We see a few of the many metadata that is already inserted into the Cardano blockchain under that key. It is now up to your implementation how you want to cache and sort through all the data that lives on-chain. Blockfrost provides paging and ordering parameters.

Please visit their official documentation to know more.