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See the awesome projects people are building with Cardano

65 projects

Cardano Wall

Demonstrates serveral use cases for transaction metadata. You can sign messages and create proof of existence for files.

Crypto Mage

This game centered around incredible wizards who create magic, increase their skills, find totems, learn craft, complete quests, and much more.


Daedalus is a full node and developed by IOHK, one of the founding entities of Cardano.


Gimbalabs is a collaborative community and space where dApps and OpenSource tools are developed in the "Playground" (Project-Based Learning experiences). All are welcome to join every Tuesday at 4pm UTC!

NFT Maker

Create your own NFT by uploading an image and paying some ada.


Payment gateway provider to accept ada payments and ada donations.

PoolTool Mobile

Explore Cardano, track your rewards and get notified to take action on certain events.

Rewards Calendar

Shows the epochs and rewards in a calendar.

Transaction Meta Data Browser

Browse and search different types of transaction metadata on Cardano.

ADA Dolls

There are 10,000 unique dolls. These will be randomly generated from a possible outcome of 1,000,000 doll combinations.

ADA Monsterz

Collect. Trade. Share. Have Fun!

Ada Tools

Visualizes the nodes on a globe and also provides various tools.


A classic block explorer that also offers a Cardano rich list.


Adafolio provides a place to create and share multi-delegation portfolios.


AdaLite was developed by vacuumlabs, they were also responsible for the Cardano Ledger app and won the crypto puzzle at the IOHK Summit 2019.


Well established stake pool explorer in Cardano. Yoroi is using our data to list stake pools in the wallet.


The browser, inconspicuous at first glance, offers a great many statistics and insights.

Atomic Wallet

Multi-cryptocurrency wallet that supports Cardano. During the integration they contributed code to the Cardano Rust library.

Canuckz NFTs

Limited Edition Collectibles on the Cardano Blockchain.


Your city is coming to Cardano.

Cardano Alerts

Get wallet notifications or keep tabs on your Cardano stake pool with real time alerts.

Cardano Assets

Overview of native tokens on Cardano.

Cardano Bits

A collection of 10,000 unique pieces, minted with a time-locked policy, before the smart contracts were launched. Each collectible was generated with a mix of art pieces and computer algorithms.

Cardano Blockchain Insights

A Google Data Studio dashboard that visualizes many Cardano on-chain metrics.

Cardano Cubes & Blockemon

Play Blockemon and have your moves quickly verified by, and forever stored on Cardano.

Cardano Explorer

The Cardano explorer built by IOHK, one of the founding entities of Cardano.

Cardano Gods

Behold the mighty Cardano Gods. A full on-chain NFT art project on Cardano network.

Cardano Idols

Tributes to our Cardano idols.

Cardano Kidz

Each of these unique Limited Edition designs is being minted on the Cardano Blockchain as a Non Fungible Token (NFT).

Cardano Scan

A combination of block explorer and pool tool, uses it's own implementation of db-sync.

Cardano Token and NFT Builder

Create your own native tokens and NFT in a few clicks without any code.

Cardano Updates

Follow the development of Cardano in real time without the hassle of GitHub.

Cardano Warriors

The retro RPG NFT Collection minted in Cardano Blockchain.

Cardano Waves

The largest collection of real-time charts for the Cardano network and community.


Cardinos were born from a late night conversation about how simply awesome Dinosaurs and NFTs are.

The alternative Cardano light wallet in the browser. Aims to add features most requested by the Cardano community.

Clay Mates

Of clay - duh! Collectibles brought to life and re-homed on the Cardano blockchain.

Coti adaPay

Payment gateway provider to accept ada payments and ada donations.

Crypto Doggies

Collect, trade, have fun, save real dogs!

Crypto Heroez

Cardano NFT pixelart collectibles. Tribute to heroes of the cryptospace. Including interactive NFTs and a game in progress where you use NFTs from your wallet.

Crypto Knitties

Adorable, cuddly and unique, CryptoKnitties are collectable knitted NFT companions for your Cardano wallet.


Interactive, web-based NFT collectibles.

H.Y.P.E. Skulls

A new level of collectible NFT is hitting the Cardano Network! 1,500 unique 3D-animated cards featuring the HYPE Skull. No two are alike. Always handcrafted. Never automated.


16 year old female fine art NFTs on the Cardano blockchain!


From the guys who brought you spacecoins, comes jetchickens. A collectible trading card game on the Cardano.


Legendary creatures on the Cardano blockchain!

Metro Mermaids NFT Maker

Mint and Burn NFTs


Nami was developed by Berry Pool. A browser based wallet extension to also interact with Cardano from any website.

Native Tokens

Provides insights into native tokens on Cardano mainnet. -

NFTs are to physical art what music streaming is to vinyl. NFTdot enable users to create NFT & tokens, sell, buy or collect without limits


Sometimes all you need is a good cup of NFTea.

Pigy Token

The community token for Cardano stake pool operators and delegators

Politikoz | NFTs on Cardano!

The Cardano On-Chain Lottery Game.

Pool PM

Block explorer that brought out a new, refreshing concept to visualize transactions.

Pool Stats

Pool tool and insights visualized by heat maps.


One of the most feature-rich, unbiased pool tools. Also offers a native app.

See Ada

This project tracks the controlled stake of the top pool operators and monitors decentralization.


SpaceBudz is a collection of 10,000 unique little astronauts represented as NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. Trade, collect or share them!

Stellar Hood

Space, the final frontier: Discover and study the stars and planets in our galaxy, our Stellar Hood, as 3d interactive NFTs which are coded directly onto the Cardano blockchain! Customize your solar systems on the interactive map.

The Galgos

The Galgos is a set of limited edition hand drawn NFT collectibles with functionality. Collect, trade, discover.

The Hoskinsons

The Hoskinsons is an original NFT collection commemorating the founders, developers, and personalities of the Cardano platform.

Token Tool

Keep track of native tokens on testnet and mainnet.

Powerful yet easy to use NFT & FT Minting and Marketplace on Cardano.


Create your own NFT or look into recently minted NFTs on Cardano.


Yoroi is a lightweight node and developed by EMURGO, one of the founding entities of Cardano.