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Get started with Marlowe#

Marlowe is the domain-specific language (DSL) that allows users to build blockchain applications tailored to financial contracts.

Take a look at the Marlowe Tutorial if you want to learn Marlowe from the beginning or dive straight into the Marlowe Playground:

Marlowe Playground

Talk to others about Marlowe on the Cardano Forum or if you prefer Telegram there is a dedicated Marlowe Telegram Group.

The Marlowe platform#

With the Marlowe DSL you gain huge efficiencies because you can get much better security, much better certainty, much better guarantees of termination, and correctness of behavior compared to a Turing-complete language.

The design guarantees the following:

  • Contracts are finite. No recursion or loops.
  • Contracts will terminate. Timeout on all actions.
  • Contracts have a defined lifetime.
  • No assets retained on close.
  • Conservation of value.

Marlowe Playground#

The Marlowe Playground is an easy-to-use, visual, and modular plug-and-play smart contract builder and simulator. Watch this 4 minute long tour of the Marlowe Playground: build, simulate and analyse Marlowe contracts.


Further Tutorials#