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Alternative funding options

Project Catalyst should be your tool of choice when it comes to project funding on Cardano. For the sake of completeness, here is a place to list alternative funding options for your project.

The cFund#

The cFund is a venture fund that manages all centralized fund operations secured by IOHK and Wave Financial where each of them participated with 10$ million to back ambitious founders globally.

The cFund is a homage to Apple's iFund that was introduced in 2008 to bootstrap iOS development. Compared to Project Catalyst, the funds available here are relatively small.

The cFund started in July 2020 with the goals to achieve:

  • Growing the Cardano ecosystem.
  • Working with governments, especially in developing countries in Africa and South America.
  • Providing access to high-speed, adaptable financing for founders to manage payment flows and invest in the Cardano ecosystem.

The first cFund investment took place In April 2021. It provided $500,000 to innovative enterprise-grade fintech technology called COTI, the currency of the internet. COTI secured the investment to support stakeholder-driven payment solutions and enables them to pack digitally any currency.